The picnic mode of work in small companies — its consequences and remedial steps

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

There are times when individual members of your team begin to lose their momentum. Your team becomes much like a group of amateurs, newbies, naive, and inexperienced freelancers.

They get scattered. There is no particular start working hours and dedicated end working hours. Working when they feel like it and stopping work again based on feelings.

This is what I call the picnic mode.

The consequences

Results are much lower and work inefficiencies and ineffectiveness are on public display.

This is when working days and working hours and working place are used way lesser than optimum.

Left unchecked, in the context of a small application development company, a crisis is immiment.

Delivery timeline of service projects get extended, clients get pissed off, a barrage of complaints, etc.

What you then witness is a big train of undesirable and proactively avoidable issues coming your way. Taken immediate corrective steps, a crash could be avoided. Absent the remedy, it sometimes turns out to be an existential crisis.

The corrective steps

  1. Gather your team members.
  2. Communicate with them the problem.
  3. Get them to work from one place.
  4. Follow up with them at multiple intervals during the day.
  5. Make sure the client or the work requirements are carried out as per the expectations.
  6. Have a tight grip on the works being carried out in the absolute interest of your clients and the company.
  7. Get everyone back on the good track.